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Why Hiring The Cheapest Removalist is Just Plain Crazy!

Is saving a few dollars really worth the risk?

Why Hiring The Cheapest Removalist is Just Plain Crazy What many people don’t realise when shopping around for a suitable removalist company is that the price difference between the cheapest quote and the dearest quote normally amounts to, let’s say, $100.00 – $200.00 for an average sized job.

Just plain crazy!

Now if you’re willing to hire the cheapest bidder to handle moving your fragile and precious possessions you’re just plain crazy. It just may end up costing you more in the end. Below we have listed just a few points to consider before making the decision to go cheap. So hiring the cheapest removalist is just plain crazy.

Apples with Apples.

The furniture moving industry would have to be the worst industry of all to hire someone based on price alone. When you’re getting apples vs apples it makes perfect sense to purchase goods and services based on price alone. But keep in mind, the furniture moving business is very much like comparing apples with house bricks.

Is it really worth the risk of hiring the cheapest bidder to try and save $100.00?

There are several things you should remind yourself about before you’re tempted to engage a budget furniture mover:

1. In order to still make money, cheap movers need to pay low rates to their removal crew thus attracting only inexperienced movers to work for them and heightening the risk of damage to your property. Sometimes taking longer to complete the move compared to someone who knows what they are doing. This ends up costing you more money anyway!

2. Small owner operator budget removalists are quite often fly by night movers. Here one day, gone the next. Will, they still be around in a month or two should you need to contact them? Do they offer testimonials from satisfied clients? And how can you gauge if these guys are even trustworthy enough to have in your home and around your family? The answer to these questions is, you just don’t know! But with reviews like ours, you can gain some comfort and reassurance in our services. Visit our reviews right here!

3. Not all cheap moving companies are small-time operators. There’s the other side of the fence. There are several huge organisations out there selling ultra-cheap moving services. But here’s the deal with these setups. They require huge turnovers in order to remain viable and have a reputation for not showing up on the day due to overbooking. Needing to maintain cash flow due to small profit margins. they rush with your possessions in order to complete a high volume of work each day.

4. Large budget movers generally supply poorly maintained and under-equipped moving trucks. They underpay their removal crews which means employing untrained movers – backpackers, new school leavers and the like. Risk after risk after risk.

5. Cheap removal services will either charge you extra to insure your goods, (among other various hidden costs) or will have an ‘all care no responsibility’ policy. Brisbane Removalists has full insurance and it’s included in our rates. You can read all the details on our website right here!

Hopefully this all helps you see Why Hiring The Cheapest Removalist is Just Plain Crazy!

Warning! – Remember you get what you pay for.

Why Hiring The Cheapest Removalist is Just Plain Crazy. To coin a common phrase ‘you get what you pay for’.

Watch out for other hidden costs such as adding GST onto the original quoted hourly rate, depot travel fees and fuel levy. Our prices include all these and more! Feel free to “Get a Quote” now.

You want your gear moved professionally, efficiently and without any fuss right? You won’t have time to babysit the removalists so hire a team with a credible reputation and a sound proven track record. By paying a little extra, and using some due diligence when researching movers to hire, you can have peace of mind you’re going to have an experienced team turn up and just make it happen without any BS! Read our reviews either here on our site or directly on Google or Facebook and see what our past clients think.

You can read more about stress free moves in our article called “Do you want a stress free move”. Here is a link to it for you.

Contact the trusted furniture removal experts

If you are looking to move house or need any advice on how the process works, feel free to contact Brisbane Removalists anytime.

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