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Frequently asked questions

Find out the questions and answers we are most asked.

The answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED questions can be found right here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, at Brisbane Removalists, we have created this page so that you can find out answers to the frequently asked questions most asked at times when we can’t be contacted in our office either by phone or email immediately. 

Hopefully the answer to your question is listed below. 

This list will be updated from time to time to try and keep it updated.

If after reading through these questions and answers you still need to ask us something, please don’t hesitate to email us with your particular questions or give us a call during office hours on 0407 164 733.

Frequently asked questions

There are 2 parts to the move – The call out and the job. We separate the call out from the job, so that there is total transparency.

  1. The call out Fee:

    Our call out fee is for the team to get from our depot to your pickup and then from your destination back to the depot. It is transparent and based purely on google maps and how long it takes to get to and from both. You can also check it out on google maps to ensure that we are doing the right thing.  We do have a 30-minute minimum fee. Our call out is set in stone and if we get stuck in traffic on this trip then it is on us.

  2. The job:

The second part is the job. The clock starts when the team arrives at your home under your watchful eye. The guys uplift your items, drive to your new home, and drop off. The clock stops with the last blanket in the truck and payment is then required.  This way you see what you are paying for and have complete control of the move. You do not have to wait for the team to get back to the depot.

Check out our video on our “how it works” page.

The hourly rate x how many hours taken – (see the moving charges below) plus call out fee. There are no other fees except a heavy lift fee, which is rare and only id you have items over 120kg. If your double door French fridge is the heaviest item, you have then you are safe! 

Crystal ball time! It is impossible to give an exact figure, but a good ballpark figure is:

1 Bedroom – 2 hours

2-Bedroom – 4 hours

3-Bedroom – 6 hours

4-Bedroom – 8 hours

5-Bedroom -10 hours

This is of course only a ballpark figure, as it depends on 2 variables – access or traffic. If you have driveway-to-driveway parking, single-storey to single-storey, you are organized and you help, then this is your best-case scenario. 

If you have poor access where we must park halfway down the road, pass items over balconies because they do not fit in the stairwell, navigate underground passages, ramps, and doors to get from the loading zone to the lift or take your sofa up 13 flights of stairs because it does not fit in the lift, then it will be longer. 

Traffic is only an issue when moving to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast or further afield.

  • Simply said, be honest and up front about what you have. It does not cost more to get a bigger truck. But, if we arrive at your place on the understanding that we have a 2-Bedroom move only to find the equivalent of a 3 or 4 bedroom, then we will have to do 2 trips and it will blow the next job off schedule. 

You may not be concerned about the next job, but you could be the second job that someone pushed back.

  • Tell us if you have heavy objects as we need to be prepared, or if you have bad access as sometimes 3-men will be the answer to save you time.
  • Tell us if your house is sparsely furnished or crammed full. This will impact the next move and truck size.
  • Tell us if you have unusual items that may not fit in the truck or need a hydraulic lifter.
  • Tell us if you have lift constraints, no lift and only stairs, if you have no parking available, or if you have double settlement. These all make a difference.
  • When moving from an apartment, it is necessary to book out the lifts so they can be padded and locked off if there is one, and the loading zone. This may not be as straight forward as you think. There are often rules that mean you cannot move before 9 or after 4 and they may already be booked in advance. Best to be organized and not leave everything to the last minute. 

Did you know that some apartments do not allow you to move on the weekend?

  • The after 9.00 start, means you will be a second move. It also means that you will not get an exact time as it is dependent on the previous move. We will therefore give you a window of time which can sometimes end up shortening your lift booking considerably. It is best to overlap the two bookings if you have 2 lifts and book the biggest window possible to ensure you do not run into trouble.
  • Be prepared! Make sure you are packed and as many of the little boxes/items that you can manage are right next to the door (but not in the way) for easy access. Check out our quality packaging products. Contact us for more information.
  • You can disassemble and reassemble your own beds, tables etc. Label your boxes, or place coloured stickers on them so the teams know what room to place the items in. There is nothing more frustrating than having to rehaul boxes into different rooms when the job is finished.
  • Make sure your fridge is empty and you have your box of essential items – paperwork etc. with you in the car.
  • Help with the move. Many hands make light work. We do not have a problem with you helping us!
  • Make sure young children and pets are not in the way. It can be stressful for them and from a safety perspective, this is a worksite and accidents need to be avoided.
  • Keep your phone on so you are contactable on the day for updates. You can avoid being charged for time wasted with the boys sitting downstairs waiting because your phone is on silent! It happens more often than you think.
  • Make sure you have somewhere organized for the truck to park. Park your cars on the street in front to block the space, ask your neighbours to help if you cannot. Book the loading zone.
  • Make sure you do not have rubbish collection on move day especially if you have a narrow street.
  • Alert your neighbours to your move so we do not have to move the truck mid-move to let someone out or in.
  • We have over 15 trucks on standby. If you have a 1–2-bedroom move, then it is relatively easy to book even a week in advance in low season.
  • If you have a big or complicated move, then it is better to book 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure you get the right sized truck.
  • In high season, it is best to book a month in advance or more if it is around the Christmas New Year week.
  • Fridays and Mondays are settlement days, and they book out the first.
  • Always try, you never know. We do get cancellations due to settlement issues etc.
  • We update our last-minute moves weekly in the low season and daily in the high season.
  • Book the best removalists in town! Brisbane Removalists!
  • Put aside your box of essential items – toothbrushes and toiletries, keys, legal documents, water/electricity documents, rental and ownership documents, school bags, shoes and uniforms, medication, pet necessities, clothing for a couple of days, mobile phones and food and water for the day. Keep these in your car away from the movers so you always have access to them.
  • Organize your electricity and gas changeover and meter reading.
  • Organize your bond/house cleaning!
  • Organize your change of address – alert all necessary parties.
  • Transfer phone and internet
  • Organize keys to be left for new owners.
  • Perishable items to be placed from fridge in an Esky.
  • Do final checks including looking above cupboards.
  • Empty out fish tanks.
  • Empty petrol from mowers
  • Do not water plants for a few days and place the base in bin liners and tie at the base of the stem ready for transportation. Do not forget to inform us you have pot plants as they take up a lot of ground space in the truck.
  • Ring us if you have fewer or more items to move than when you booked.
  • Organize change of address for driver’s licence, government agencies, banks, schools,
  • Find out what day rubbish day is.
  • Plan where to place your furniture in your new home and label boxes with different coloured dots to indicate different rooms.
  • Collect your keys for the new property in advance.
  • Make sure you have your pets housed for the day and young children with someone for the day.
  • Have food and water/drinks organized. A stiff whiskey might be tempting, but it is probably not a good idea on move day!
  • Help out on the day! The more feet on the ground, the better.
  • Be organized – boxes, labelling etc.
  • Be upfront about eventual issues – parking, move size, heavy objects, and let us know about unstackable items. Can we park in your driveway – if not block 2 car spaces as close as possible.
  • Do not leave your phone on silent so we can contact you on arrival.
  • Be clear with your instructions to the team.
  • Organize where you want items placed, so we do not have to move them a second time.
  • Take your pets to a friend or family member – moving is twice as stressful for them and they should not be underfoot on move day.
  • There are specific pet-calming medicines if your animal is very stressed. Ask your veterinarian.
  • Make sure you set aside their favourite blanket or toys, so they have them when they arrive in your new home.
  • Having moved so many times with my children, the best thing was keeping the excitement real. Be enthusiastic about moving rather than stressed in front of them. Kids love adventures and you can make it just that.
  • Get them involved in doing tasks to help.
  • Give them the opportunity to take part in decision making…where do you think we should place this? To decorate their new room etc. They then take ownership.
  • Make sure they have their own essentials box with them.
  • Make sure their normal routines are not completely interrupted so keep their school uniforms and sports gear out and ready.
  • Allow them to take charge of your pet and explain how difficult it will be for them so they will need their help. This will give them the chance to step up and lessen their anxiety if they must look out for someone else.
  • Keep them involved and informed about most aspects of the move. Sometimes it just feels like a madhouse, and they are lost in the storm. Being involved keeps them anchored.
  • Take a break from the boxes and mess and go out to the park together where there is calm and just you.
  • Do you have a call-out fee?
  • Is GST included in your fees?
  • Do you charge on an hourly or half-hourly basis?
  • Is there a minimum hourly fee?
  • Do you charge extra for stairs?
  • Do you charge extra for lifts?
  • Do you charge a deposit?
  • Do you charge extra for a heavy lift?
  • How heavy does your item have to be, to be charged a heavy lift fee?
  • Do you charge for sloping driveways?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • What is not covered by your insurance?
  • Can I wrap my furniture myself?
  • What sized truck will you provide?
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • What happens if something is damaged? What is the process involved?
  • What would the ballpark time and cost be for my move?

You should empty your fridge 24 hours before moving it so that it can defrost. You should remove the glass panels and clean them to prevent mould from growing while it is off. A good idea is to leave the doors open overnight, with a towel on the floor.  It should stand at least 4 – 6 hours before you plug it back in so that the compressor oil has had time to settle. 

If you plug it in too early, the oil can leak into the system and cause blockages.

If you wrap goods, such as fridges, TVs or similar, then we are not liable if they are scratched or damaged. Given the item is wrapped beforehand, we cannot be sure it was not damaged prior to the move or not working.  We are happy to wrap or help wrap your items. You are welcome to wrap it yourself, as long as we sight the item before wrapping, or we are not obliged to take responsibility. 

It is the same for items boxed that we did not pack – we cannot take responsibility for these if they were poorly packed. Vibrations due to road conditions whilst in transit can break items if they are not packed well. If we drop the box, then it is of course on us.

We are fully covered for any damage we cause such as dropping an item, holes in walls, or damage to furniture. We are not responsible for any item packed by a third-party during transport unless we drop or damage the box itself.  

We have cargo, marine and public liability insurance. The only items not covered in this scenario are glass, marble and TVs without the appropriate box whilst in transit, given the precarious nature of these items as  we cannot be responsible for the condition of the road.  Hairline fracture in marble, meeting pothole is a marriage made in heaven. 

We have an all care no responsibility sign off for this.

It is always advisable to have your own insurance. In the case where we are not liable, and damage occurs (see above in what is not covered), as you will then be able to claim for these items.

Depending on the damage, we either get it repaired or go through our insurance. This process can take a couple of months to process.

Yes, we do. We require you to not water the plants for a few days prior and to place them in bin liners for the move to avoid dirt being transported into the truck and soiling other items.

Remember that nothing can stack on top of these, so this means that they take up a lot of ground/floor space. Please let us know if you intend to move a lot of pot plants, as a bigger truck will be required.

Yes, we do move trampolines. They would have to be dismantled. The base may fit in a large truck, but dimensions would have to be provided when booking to ensure the right sized truck is provided. We do not reassemble trampolines however, as we are not certified to do this.

  • A move usually takes a turn for the worse when we are blindsided. If we book a 2 bedroom move and arrive to find a 5 bedroom move then this means we have the wrong sized truck, need multiple trips and more men on the ground. This is not always possible to arrange at the last minute.
  • Sometimes people forget to mention they have poor access. This can add an hour or more to a move and can mean we do not meet the lift times for destination.
  • Sometimes the job before yours takes much longer because the client has added more items to the job without informing us before. This can have huge knock-on effects and it is important that we know any changes you make.
  • Sometimes we have a breakdown. This is rare but can happen. If this is the case, we will do everything we can to ensure that you get another team on the job despite having a delay.
  • Accidents or traffic delays can happen.
  • The client is not packed up or ready and this can cause delays and impact on the next move.
  • Sometimes we have emergency moves that take priority and it might mean a delay in getting to you.

It is difficult to estimate the move size. Generally, we work on how many rooms are to be moved. If you live in a 4-bedroom house but are only moving 2 bedrooms worth of items, then let us know this. We do ask, but sometimes people get confused or nervous and overestimate to ensure they get a bigger truck. 

We always send out one truck bigger than each move to ensure we can move all your items in one go. 

Sometimes people downsize after the booking and fail to let us know – this means we overestimate the time needed.

So, if you have overestimated, we will finish much faster than anticipated and the next job must be moved up accordingly. Sometimes this is not possible due to lift access issues and then the teams sit around waiting for access to the next job. 

This is costly for us and can be avoided if you let us know when you downsize the move.

If you underestimate your move size, we end up with the wrong truck.  

It will result in a second or multiple trips. It is quite surprising how many people do have more than a typical family, and this causes chaos if this information is not provided.  It costs the client more in callout fees and return trips, and we often must add a 3rd person to speed up the move as we have another job directly after which is also impacted.

Please be as open and up front as possible when booking so we avoid this sort of scenario, especially in the busy season when we do not have a lot of alternatives to problem solve.

Pot plants, canoes, bikes, lawnmowers, BBQs, treadmills – these are some of the most common examples of items we cannot stack items on top of and that takes ground/ floor place in the truck. You need to let us know if you have a lot of these as we will need to provide you with a bigger truck.

If you are just moving up the road, we often suggest to move you in a smaller truck.  It is always your choice, but it is quicker to load a small truck as it avoids having to play tetris in a large one to ensure everything fits in one trip. 

This takes a lot of time. With a small truck we can put all the boxes, odd shaped items, and unstackable items such as lawn mowers, pot plants in the first load and then return for the furniture without having to try and  fit everthing in odd spaces when these would be better in two loads. A small truck allows you to pack quickly and to scoot round the corner. 

It is also easier to park with a small truck and will often avoid having to add walk time if we can park close to the house.

We also have a big truck option if this is what you prefer but it is in our experience, often a better and faster option than the smaller one. The only issue could be if you have an oversized object – furniture with glass over 2 metres high or a very large and oversized fridge as we do not have a lifter on the smaller trucks.

We are happy to move you when you need it. Our earliest regular time slot is 6.00 but we can move you earlier if needed. It would be more expensive outside of regular hours.

We simply carry on until the job is completed. In busy season this can happen quite regularly. Please spare a thought for the teams when they are working long days in the heat, to provide them with a pause at our cost to ensure they can eat, rehydrate, and rest. This will ensure they replenish their energy stores and will be of benefit to you.

  • Relax and enjoy the move. The guys love a bit of banter and fun. It makes the day go faster and when you are happy, they are happy, and the move is a breeze.
  • Be ready and prepared.
  • Respect that this is a tough job – especially in the heat of summer. The guys always do their very best to meet your needs and to do a great job. Having you look out for them makes all the difference.
  • Give them clear instructions and check they have understood what it is you want from them.

The best job slot is first up as you know exactly what time the team will turn up.  If you have an apartment move with lift restrictions, then this is not possible as they often require a ‘not before 9 am’ start.

  • Transparency regarding costs and expectations
  • Honesty and clarity
  • One that listens to you and asks the right questions to understand your move.
  • One that offers cheaper alternatives when this is possible.
  • One that cares about you and what you need, not just money.
  • One that turns up and keeps you updated if there are issues.
  • One that deals with insurance issues promptly.
  • One that inspires confidence and shows compassion.
  • One that has no hidden fees.
  • One that does not let you down even if there are delays.
  • One that has superheroes that make your move a breeze.
  • One that has positive client reviews.

Apartment moves are trickier because of the 9 am to 4.00/4.30 lift restrictions they impose. This means that we cannot start your job first and any job before yours can delay your start if it blows out. 

This can be difficult with one lift, but when two are involved, any delay can cause a knock-on effect. You must ensure you block the lift and the loading zone for the move itself so that we do not share with others which will slow your move down.

Some apartments are pretty simple, but others are dire. Some apartment lifts are right next to the loading zone while others are up to 150 m away, and the guys must navigate internal and external ramps (sometimes in the rain which is very slippery), doors, shared car access and multiple lifts. 

Some lifts are very small in the older apartments and your furniture may not fit and will have to be taken up multiple flights of stairs. Others have no place to park at all or 20-minute loading limits! Make sure you know your apartment access before you book so you can let us know. Try not to underestimate how long this will take when this is the case. It is tough on the guys.

  • Ask the right questions – see above. Don’t get charged $400 for a sloping driveway that you forgot to mention! Yes, that happened to a poor lady in the rain at the drop off and when she insisted she wouldn’t pay they threatened to leave her furniture in the rain.
  • While deposits are quite normal, a cheap price and a deposit should be a red flag. Why? The transport sector is one of the most expensive around as it requires high insurance premiums to cover all eventualities. These include the trucks themselves, public liability, transit and marine insurance, cyber insurance, and work cover. 
  • It also involves regular maintenance on trucks and the exorbitant cost of fuel.  If your moving company is too cheap, then it means it is not covering one or some of these items. This means either you luck out if there is a problem or the workers are not being looked after.
  • Do your homework and read the Google reviews – not just the website reviews, as they can simply be made up.
  • Rely on your friend network to find out who is not only reliable but transparent and gives a true 5-star service.

Brisbane Removalists work in the rain! We wear ponchos. Only dangerous weather would keep us back. We would never put our boys at risk.

We only move upright pianos that are ground to ground. We charge a heavy lift fee for this. We do not attempt to move a piano upstairs or downstairs as there are specialists who do this and have all the correct equipment. It is not worth the risk to the piano, wall not to mention the risk to our workers.

  • Get your boxes in advance and pack a couple every day so the enormity of the job does not overwhelm you.
  • Pack one room at a time and use different colour labels for each room so they are easy for the guys to unload into the correct rooms at their destination.
  • Choose the right-sized boxes.
  • Place books in smaller boxes to be easily carried given their weight.
  • Do not mix items from different rooms in one box.
  • Use plenty of paper between your fragile items.
  • Use sheets, tea towels, towels, as packing materials to save on boxes and butcher paper.
  • Note what is in each box.
  • Make sure you fill your boxes, so they do not sink with the weight of other boxes on top. This can cause boxes to topple on the trip and this can cause breakage.

The first step with the long haul is to provide us with either photos of every room or an inventory list, which we will send you.  This enables us to quote you on the number of cubic metres you have with a fixed price per kilometre travelled. 

The fixed price includes uplift, transport, fuel, insurance, tolls, offload and meals and accommodation where necessary. It is calculated on the cubic metres you have, which allows us to give you a set fee. You must have everything packed and ready for uplift, given the long distance.  We will also ask you for both addresses, so we can check the access and calculate how long it will take to upload and offload. 

We service far north Queensland, Southeast Queensland and a good part of NSW.

Moving Charges

Minimum moving charge? - One of the frequently asked questions!

The vast majority of respected and trusted removalists companies have a minimum moving charge. This is for small moves to cover the cost of the truck and the removal staff. These normally vary from 2-4 hours.

At Brisbane Removalists our rates Monday to Friday are $179 per hour including GST (charged in 15-minute increments) with a 2-hour minimum charge plus a 30-minute minimum charge to cover depot-to-depot travel from Milton.

Our rates for Saturday are $209 per hour including GST (charged in 15-minute increments), with a 2-hour minimum charge plus a 30-minute minimum charge to cover depot-to-depot travel from Milton.

Our rates for Sunday are $239 per hour including GST (charged in 15-minute increments), with a 3-hour minimum charge plus a 30-minute minimum charge to cover depot-to-depot travel from Milton.

Included are 2 professionally trained removalists and a fully equipped truck.

Please note: Depot travel is calculated at the same rate and is also charged in 15-minute increments.

We guarantee to provide you with a removalist team with the highest level of industry experience and insurance for your peace of mind.

These small moves are extremely popular with our clients who only have a small number of items to be moved or for internal moves. This could be to relocate furniture to allow for renovations or for new floor coverings.

To contacts us for answers to more FAQs

Visit our Contact page to find a wide range of ways to contact us. 

For more Frequently asked questions visit the “Quora Forum

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Moving is a sucky business but Eileen, Marlon and Luis from Brisbane Removalists made the whole thing suck far less than it could have. Nothing was too much trouble, they packed the truck like tetris and they were gentle and thoughtful with everything. I heartily recommend for your next move.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Kathy, we really appreciate your feedback and for taking the time to do this. Sucky is a great way of explaining moving. So glad we made it less sucky! The teams are well trained to do moves so it does make the process easier and allows you to feel confident that your precious items arrive in one piece. We wish you all the very best in your new home Kathy. Hopefully the warm weather will return soon. Eileen
Erick and Elvis helped us with moving from an apartment to a house and they were both great. They took care of our stuff, were friendly, and personable. They both deserve recognition for the hard work that they do and would use them again in the future if needed. :)Thanks!
Response from the owner: Hi Liane, thank you so much for your lovely review. They are truly superstars! I will let them know that you have given them 5 stars! We are happy that your move went so well, and we wish you all the very best in your new home. Eileen, Thomas and the team.
2 great young guys professional courtesy on - time and nothing was too much trouble they cared about our furniture as if it was their own. Would recommend them to anyone.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Katrina for reviewing the team. I will let Jesus and Jonathan know that their work was appreciated. We wish you all the very best in your new home even if it was not far from the last. It is definitely quieter on the new side. :) Katrina
Professional and reliable. Took great care of our item.
Response from the owner: Good morning, Holly! Lovely to have the first email of the day as a 5-star review. :) Thank you for taking the time to do this especially for such a quick and painless move. Enjoy! Take care and thank for using our services. I will let Erick's team know. Eileen
I recently had the pleasure of working with Brisbane removalists. during my house move in Brisbane city. From start to finish, their service was exceptional! Here's why I highly recommend them:1. **Punctual and Efficient**: The team arrived right on time and wasted no time getting to work. They handled everything with precision and care.2. **White-Glove Service**: Their personalized approach made me feel like a valued customer. They truly go above and beyond to ensure a smooth move.3. **No Double Handling**: Brisbane removalist's process minimizes the risk of damage by avoiding unnecessary handling of your belongings. This attention to detail impressed me.4. **Professionalism**: The team wrapped my furniture items in blankets, protecting them during transit. Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout.Overall, Brisbane Removalists is absolutely the best choice for your move in Brisbane! I give them a solid 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
Response from the owner: Good morning, Siavash, what a lovely way to start my day! We are so happy that you found our service to be 5-star. We try our very best to ensure that all our customers feel this way. We have excellent teams that really care and are reliable and professional. I am thrilled that you took the time to write so much and outline this. They work hard to maintain this standard. You had Andre and Joao on your move. I will let them know how happy you were. Thank you for taking the time to give us a shout out as word of mouth and google reviews are how we continue to keep a strong profile in the community. We wish you all the very best in your new home and hope you find your feet soon once the daunting prospect of unpacking is done. :) Eileen and the team.
Amazing company, I definitely recommend these fellas to anyone moving and/or need storage.Shout out to Isaac, Camilo and Eileen.The boys just came in and smashed it ae, got the job done efficiently and were very professional. They handled our furniture and white goods with care, and have excellent communication skills.Eileen, what can I say suga, the struggle was real for our family this morning but you came through for me my palagi sister. From the bottom of our hearts fa'afetai lava, God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏Take care, Epi xo
Response from the owner: Malo lava Epi, fa'afetai for the lovely review. I will let Camilo and Issac know that they reached superhero status once again! So glad we could help you and your family out in such a tough situation. You were pretty amazing to hold it all together given the circumstances. I look forward to sorting the next part of your move with you Epi. Take care - see you for part 2 soon. Eileen
Prior to booking with Brisbane Removalists, I had gotten quotes from a number of different companies, and went with them as they were the only company that didn't spam me with multiple phone calls, texts and emails every day.This being our first larger move, I was fairly stressed about it and was expecting many things to go wrong, but it was smooth and easy throughout the process. Eileen was super responsive and friendly in the booking process. We had a last-minute change in schedule with under 24h until the move needed to commence, but Eileen was able to accommodate us for the next day, without any dramas.Our movers were Dairo and Camilo. They showed up with big smiles and got to work quickly. I was very impressed with how strong and careful they were. We had an apartment-to-apartment move, and there was no damage to any of our walls or lifts, nor to any of our belongings. I could barely hear any noise as they were working, which is a testament to how gentle they were. We had some heavy and delicate items (piano, artworks), and there was no damage, not even on the plastic wrapping.Overall I was very impressed by the level of service and care and hope to use them again for my next move!
Response from the owner: What a super review you have given us. Thank you, Delia. This is wonderful to hear. I am thrilled me made your move a stress-free and a successful one. Large moves are stressful, but we have true superheroes on our staff that know exactly what they are doing and how to handle goods properly and always come with a smile. I will pass this on to Dairo and Camilo. They will be very happy to see their names in lights! We wish you all the very best in your new home Delia. I am sure the boxes will soon disappear, and you will be able to put your feet up and enjoy your new surroundings. Eileen and the team.
Best guys, super fast, extremely careful and hardworking. Would highly recommend. AAA+++
Response from the owner: Good morning, Karla! always wonderful to start my day off with a wonderful review! I will definitely let Sebastian and Jonathan know that they were superheroes! Thanks for being loyal to our company...should I say Auf wiedersehen? Hopefully we will see you again soon. Eileen and the team. :)
From our initial inquiry, Eileen was very transparent and detailed which made us feel reassured about our move. We also had a last minute booking which they were able to cater for. We were stressed about our TV with a thin panel but the team were able to use padding, blankets and their experience to move it without any problems. The movers, Nathan and Liuz, were very efficient and safe with good manual handling practices. We highly recommend these two lads! They are machines! They were quick, organised and attentive. They were also ready and willing to listen to our needs and requests. This was something we and others really appreciate! You’ve got a great combo with this team. Thank you, Brisbane Removalists!
Response from the owner: What a lovely review Savannah. Nathan and Liuz are very much superheroes. We would be lost without them and all our super teams. I want to thank you for taking the time to write this and to support the effort they made to make your move so easy. I am sure they had a lot of fun on the day. We wish you a happy landing in your new home and all the very best. I hope the boxes disappear quickly so you can enjoy it even more. Eileen and the team
Very polite, punctual and friendly.
Response from the owner: Thanks Jonathan, lovely to hear this. I will let Erick and Daniel know that you gave them 5 stars. They will be thrilled. Enjoy your new home. I hope you settle well. Eileen and the team.
Fantastic job guys, I would highly recommend Brisbane Removalist. Once again a fantastic team definitely the best removalist I have ever used.
Response from the owner: Hi Kevin, thank you for taking the time to review us. I will pass on your thanks to Dairo, Diego and David. They are superheroes and have a great work ethic. Glad we could help make your move a little easier. Container moves certainly remove the stress of double settlements and such like. We will see you again soon for the container drop off. Take care, Eileen, Thomas and the team.
I called them at 10am today, asking if I could relocate my business. The truck arrived at 3, and 5 hours later we had the entire business in a new location. Super helpful guys, and great customer service - booking was also easy.
Response from the owner: Thanks, Steve for the lovely review. So glad we could help out last minute. You also made it very uncomplicated. We wish you luck with your business expansion! Maybe we can move you next time when you are in need of an even bigger office. :) Eileen and the team.
The team was puntual, professional and really helpful!Eileen also provides an excellent customer service and was patient with all our questions. We would definitely recommend!
Response from the owner: Hi Maria, thank you for the lovely review. So happy your move went smoothly. We love to know that we have made a difference in what usually is a stressful day. I enjoyed chatting with you on the phone. I so enjoy fun clients like you. Makes my day! Enjoy your new home, Maria.
We recently moved some items out of storage with Brisbane Removalists and I can’t recommend them enough. The two guys arrived early. They were very pleasant and accommodating and showed much care with our furniture and our walls. The price was reasonable and communication was clear from time of booking to completion of the move. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the review, Jan. Glad this went more smoothly than your last experience. Hopefully we have restored your faith in removalist companies. It is a mine field to find the right company. Word of mouth and google reviews are often the most reliable means of getting the right company, which is why we really appreciate you having taken the time to let others know. We do not advertise and rely purely on reviews and word of mouth. I will let Erick and Nicolas know that they were superstars today! We wish you all the very best Jan. Happy landing. :) Eileen Thomas and the team
Fantastic service. We had a dual settlement which was stressful enough. The guys they sent out to us were very professional, extremely hard working and very careful with our belongings. I will be using them from now on and I suggest you do as well if you want a stress free and professional job. 10 out of 10.
Response from the owner: Hi Bryce, thank you for the lovely review. Despite it being a very stressful day for you with double settlement, you remained so cheerful and positive. I am sure the team had a great fun with you all day. I will let Luiz, and both Camilos know that you have given them a 5-star review. You were wonderful to deal with from A to Z and we look forward to hearing from you again with your next family move. Good luck with your next building project! Eileen, Thomas and the team. (and Dobby the office cat!)
Eileen and the boys made this move as easy as possible. Such a great team, smiling, hard working and organised. True professionals in every way. Thank you so much.
Response from the owner: Hi Rachel, so happy that your container moves went so well for you and super happy that we were able to fit everything in the one container for you, rather than two. I am glad we opted for one with back up rather than bringing out two from the start. Thank you for taking the time to thank our superheroes - they do a stellar job. I will let David, Julian, Javier, Nicolas and Andres know. We wish you all the best in your new home and a wonderful rest of the year. Eileen, Thomas and the team. :)
We have used Brisbane Removalists twice for two removals from offices in the Brisbane CBD and, each time, they have been so easy to deal with. They are available quickly, extremely polite and professional, the removalists are super stars and the invoicing and payment is very easy. We will continue to use them for all future moves. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Hi Sharnie, thank you so much for such a lovely and kind review. This made my day! I will let Erick and Nicolas know that you were so happy with them. YES, they are superstars! We are fortunate to have great teams and are very lucky in this respect as we would not be successful without them and their wonderful work ethic. I am so glad that we have made your moves seamless. I look forward to working with you in the future Sharnie. Eileen, Thomas and the team.
The guys we had were amazing they worked extremely hard, were polite, and made sure everything was in the correct place before they left. We will definitely recommend and use them again!
Response from the owner: Hi Jordy, thank you for your lovely review and taking the time to thank the team. I will let Vanderson, Fredy and Santiago know. We love to hear that you appreciate their work but also their attitude and work ethic as we do. They are fantastic and we love having them on the team. :)
I've used this company to move twice now, and both times they did great! My first time was two years ago, and the guys did such a great job that I didn't have to think twice about coming back. The second time around was just as fantastic. Friendly and efficient service all around.
Response from the owner: Thank you Vassili, for taking the time to write us a review. We love return customers and are very happy to hear that the service we offer is consistent. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you. You also make our job easy. You have such a great personality and attitude. I am sure Andre and Luis had a lot of laughs. Hope to see you again in the future. Enjoy your new home! Eileen
They moved us from Kenmore to Manly, they guys were on time, courteous and did everything in a timely manner.
Response from the owner: Hey Graeme, thank you for the review. Happy that it all went to plan and that you appreciated our services. I hope you settle well into your beautiful new home in Manly. :) Enjoy the view!

Urgent Last
Minute Moves

Wednesday, July. 20th

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Thursday, July. 25th

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Friday, July. 26th

  • House or Unit move 1 – 3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Saturday, July. 27th

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Monday, July. 29th

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Tuesday, July. 30th

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Wednesday, July. 31st

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Thursday, August 1st

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Friday, August 2nd

  • House or Unit move 1 – 4 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting

Saturday, August 3rd

  • House or Unit move 1 – 5 bedroom
  • Office move
  • House or Unit move 1-3 bedroom
  • Office move
  • Details correct at time of posting


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