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Frequently asked questions

Find out the questions and answers we are most asked.

The answers to the questions we are most asked can be found right here!

FAQ'S Brisbane Removalists
Frequently Asked Questions

Here, at Brisbane Removalists, we have created this page so that you can find out answers to the questions most asked at times when we can’t be contacted in our office either by phone or email immediately. Hopefully the answer to your question is listed below. 

This list will be updated from time to time to try and keep it updated.

If after reading through these questions and answers you still need to ask us something, please don’t hesitate to email us with your particular questions or give us a call during office hours on 0407 164 733

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do Removalists charge extra for stairs?

A. Most reputable removalist companies do not charge any extra for moves involving stairs as they understand stairs are something they deal with every day.

Read more…

Q. Minimum moving charge?

A. The vast majority of respected and trusted removalists companies have a minimum moving charge. This is for small moves to cover the cost of the truck and the removal staff. These normally vary from 2-4 hours.

At Brisbane Removalists there is a 2-hour minimum moving charge that includes any travel, and after this we charge in 15-minute increments.

 These small moves are extremely popular with our clients that only have a small number of items to be moved or for internal moves. This could be to relocate furniture to allow for renovations or for new floor coverings.

Be incredibly careful if any company does not advertise a minimum moving charge as this may be a sneaky or hidden cost or they may be backyarders. Unfortunately, you find out about these charges when it is time for the final bill. Even worse in some cases you are held to ransom to pay prior to the goods being unloaded.

Helpful articles on the things you need to know when moving and booking the “right removalists” for your move.

Booking the Right Removalists

What you need to know when moving

And then what can happen if you book the so called cheapest.

What happens when you book the cheap hourly rate removalists

Frequently asked questions Things you need to know when moving in the city
Brisbane City Skyline

Q. Moving Brisbane City?

A. Brisbane Removalists are the trusted and local moving Brisbane City movers based in Milton.

 We  have helped may hundreds of clients with house, unit, apartment, or office  move in Brisbane City area. Understanding the complexities of city moving such as type and location of access, where and how to park and when is the most cost-effective time to move are just so important if you want a cost-effective stress-free move.

Many city apartments provide lift access for clients and this normally means booking the lift for your move. Timing is therefore critical. Inexperienced city removalists will not be able to advise you on lift booking times or be able to comply with the times that are available.

 This could mean many hundreds of dollars of extra expense waiting to share the lift with other residents. Worse still, your move is delayed if the removalists is late to your new residence and the lift time has expired. More expense and stress!

Here are some helpful articles that will help you with moving Brisbane City.

Brisbane City Removals

Trusted Brisbane City Removalists

Clients with office, retail outlets, business relocations including doctors and dental surgeries have all used the professional team at Brisbane Removalists to assist with their move.

Commercial Office and Business Relocations

Before booking any moving Brisbane City removalists for your next move, consult with family and friends for recommendations and do your google research and check out what other clients have to say by their reviews. Here is a Link to our reviews that we are extremely proud of.

Moving Office with Brisbane Removalists

Q. Moving Office?

A. Office moves or as some like to say moving office or office relocation is an area Brisbane Removalists specialize in.

From a single item such as a desk to a large multinational head office relocation and everything in between. Our experienced teams have the knowledge and training  to assist you moving office safely & cost effectively. And of course, with minimal downtime. Multi-level office buildings are a specialty for our teams. Every move is completed safely and cost effectively, saving time, money, and stress.

All of our removalists have the highest level of Industry training and experience and our motto is “to outperform our opposition” every day. The trucks are all equipped with all of the necessary heavy-duty removalist’s blankets, pads, straps, and trolleys that are required to assist the teams with moving office.

Many office clients are extremely busy and do not have the time to perform the tedious task of packing their items into boxes. Don’t stress, professional packing and unpacking are all part of our service. For more information on this Professional and Secure Packing

If for any reason you need to move at short notice, give us a call and we will do our absolute best to assist. Our short notice last minute moves page is regularly updated to assist with this. Here is the Link to check the current availability.

Single item or internal office moves are also something we also specialise in. As an example

Recent Google Post

Some really helpful articles that I suggest you read prior to moving.

Office Removals made Easy

Moving Office without losing Business

And then what can happen if you book the wrong company. A recent post on Google

Office post on Google

Frequently asked questions about Moving safely in the rain with Brisbane Removalists
Moving in the Rain

Q. Moving in the rain??

A. Yes, as here at Brisbane Removalists we understand that “when you have to move, you have to move”. Even when the weather does not cooperate on your moving day and you are forced into moving in the rain. Safety is our number 1 priority an all jobs and especially when it is raining. Safety for all involved and minimising the risk of damage to property or possessions is the focus, especially when moving in the rain. Safety Cost No More with Brisbane Removalists

 Keeping everything and everybody as dry as possible is the name of the game. This can often mean taking short breaks in between rain squalls to lessen the chance of getting everything soaking wet.

Obviously, many other removalists don’t work in the rain, every time it rains, I have people calling trying to book a move as either the company they booked has cancelled or simply just don’t show up.

Articles well worth reading just in case it rains on your moving day.

Moving in the Rain and  a google post we recently published Moving on a rainy day

Q. Call out fee?

A. Many Removalists companies charge a call out fee. Brisbane Removalists do not.

There is a need to cover the cost of travel to and from the depot. Companies that do not charge for this time are either going broke or will go broke . Alternatively, they have built this cost in if they are providing a fixed price quote. They may be  hiding the call out fee upfront or are a back-yard business or all of these. Do you really want these type of companies moving your valued possessions?

This is what can happen when you choose 1 of the cheap rate companies The Cheap Hourly Rate Companies

For the majority of suburbs in Brisbane, at Brisbane Removalists this is charged at 15 minutes each way. Obviously the further the distance the larger the amount. This means you are only paying for the time for your move and not a flat fee that is calculated to cover all areas. Thereby, saving you money.

The amount calculated for your move will be clearly shown on the booking that is emailed for you to check and confirm. Complete transparency here at Brisbane Removalists.

Here is a really informative article on the 7 Things You Need To Know When Moving.“Things you need to know when moving”

Indooroopilly South East Queensland

Q. Moving in Indooroopilly?

A. For just on 10 years Brisbane Removalists have become known as The Indooroopilly Local Removalists. Regularly, assisting clients on an almost daily basis with moving in Indooroopilly.

Here is a  helpful article on moving in or out of   Indooroopilly.Moving in Idooroopilly

 This is for a particularly good reason. Not only are all of our Indooroopilly removalists highly trained professional removalists that turn up in a fully equipped truck. Their aim is to complete every move every day with the highest level of customer focus & care. Saving clients time, money, and stress.

There are times that you may require to move at short notice. For this reason, we regularly update our short notice last minute page to help you out. Here is the Link

 Helpful information is provided to all clients prior to moving to assist then with cost saving and ways to make their move as stress free as possible.

Here are an example of just a few.

The 7 Things You Need to Know When Moving

Survival Guide for moving with kids

The A-Z Moving Checklist

 We have literally moved hundreds of clients in or out of Indooroopilly, many have used our services to move on multiple occasions. And with REVIEWS like these from our amazing clients.

Q. Moving Brisbane Northside?

A. Brisbane Removalists assist clients moving Brisbane northside on a daily basis. Save time, money, and stress by calling the Brisbane Northside moving specialists and our team will take care of you.

House, unit, apartment, or office moves, internal moves or business relocation. Our team of professionally trained removalists are ready to assist in all types of moving situations.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the Amazing Reviews our clients have left on our site and

Brisbane Removalists Facebook Reviews

We try to be so much more than just a removalists company. From providing helpful information to clients prior to moving allowing  them to save money, provide helpful hints to cut the stress levels and prepack their items. At the completion of your move a follow up is sent out asking for feedback and ways we able to improve.

Before booking your moving Brisbane northside move, check out these helpful articles. They cover a range of topics from the information removalists need to know to move safe and move cheap. More information on our Brisbane Northside Removalists services to 6 ways to make the job faster for your removalist.

Booking the Removalist

Move Safe Move Cheap

Brisbane Removalists Northside Services

6 Ways to make the Job faster for your Removalist

A recent article we published on Google on moving Brisbane Northside Brisbane Northside Google Post

Q. Brisbane Southside removalists?

A. Everyday our Brisbane southside removalists teams move clients in the Brisbane Southside area. From Acacia Ridge to Southbank, Mount Gravatt to Rocklea. Rochedale and Seventeen-Mile Rocks are just some of the suburbs in Brisbane southside we regularly assist clients. For a full list of areas, we have helped clients move. Service Area

Save time, save money, and save stress when requiring Brisbane Southside removalists by hiring our professional team. Catering to all types of moves from small internal moves to large corporate office moves. No matter what people are looking for these days, they usually start with a google search. And whilst online look for companies reviews, here is a link to ours Reviews

 From a 1-bedroom apartment to a 6-bedroom house. Understanding the importance of being on time is extremely important to our business. You will be kept update before, during and after your move.

Many clients pack their own boxes to save money, however if you need assistance in prepacking from just a few precious items to a full house pack, our Southside Removalists team can assist. For more information on our Professional Packing

Some recent articles I believe is well worth reading that will help you choosing your Brisbane Southside removalists.

Brisbane Southside Removalists

Our Premium Moving Service

Organisation saves time and money

Booking the Removalists

Cardinal Points to moving hassle free

And articles we have we posted on Google Google Posts  

Q. Moving North Lakes?

A. Contact the removalists north Brisbane’s most trusted and experienced company when moving North Lakes. Brisbane Removalists. We have helped an enormous number of clients either move into around or out of the North Lakes area. Give us a call on 0407 164 733 and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

From a small internal move to allow for new carpets to clients opening a new office to large home moves. Here at Brisbane Removalists we understand every move is different and our experienced team are here to look after you each step of the way.

Here are some helpful articles I suggest reading prior to moving and prior to booking any removalists company when moving North Lakes.

Satisfied Clients

The 7 Things you need to know when moving

Will the Removalists you have booked actually turn up?

Removalists North Lakes

6 Ways to make the Faster for your Removalists

Moving house, unit, apartment, or office

Don’t just take my word for it, read the Reviews our clients have left and see for yourself. And also on Facebook Reviews

Can I suggest you then do a little google research and check to see if other companies that advertise moving North Lakes also display their reviews on their site? If not, I guess you have to wonder why?

Unfortunately, many Aussies have become conditioned to finding the cheapest price. The removalists industry is remarkably similar to many other service type businesses.

 You actually get what you pay for. In the removalists game cheap hourly rates usually mean either back yarders, underpaid or back packer staff, hidden or sneaky charges or companies that are going broke. And when it comes down to it, they are not actually Insured. Or even worse won’t admit fault or pay for any damage they have caused.

Here’s some more information on Hiring Cheap Hourly Rate Removalists

Gold Coast Queensland

Q. Moving to the Gold Coast?

A. Why not do what heaps of others have done recently and call Brisbane Removalists when moving to the Gold Coast? Of course, we also assist clients moving to Brisbane and even the Sunshine Coast from the Gold Coast.

Moving home, unit, apartment, or office our team of professionally trained removalists are here to help.

Take the stress out of your next move and call the professionals, it will actually cost you less than the companies offering so called “cheap hourly rates”. Unlike many others, we don’t charge extra for stairs or fuel or to dismantle & re assemble furniture items such as beds, tables etc.

 Have a look at what our clients say about us by checking out our REVIEWS we proudly display on our site. In contrast to many of our opposition who hide theirs away. A little google research and you will no doubt find out why.

On an almost daily basis our experienced teams have moved clients from Brisbane to all areas of the Gold Coast and the hinterland. From Ormeau  to Coolangatta to Mt Tamborine and everywhere in between.

Being  premium service removalists, we can also help with the tedious task of packing and unpacking your valuable possessions into boxes. Here is some more info on this Professional Packing

I have included some articles that will help you save time & money when moving to the Gold Coast

Moving to the Gold Coast

Move Safe Move Cheap

A-Z Moving Check List

What your Removalist needs to know

Q. Moving Last Minute?

A. Can you help us with moving last minute is a question I get asked on an almost daily basis?

Sadly, this is usually because the removalists they had booked either don’t turn up, cancel at the last minute or turn up in a truck that is way too small for the job. This of course then means multiple trips and extra cost.

And then of course as soon as it rains, clients call wanting to know if we can help them as the Removalsists they had booked cancel or don’t turn up.

Here is a couple of recent articles we published on this Will the Removalists you have booked actually turn up? And Booking the Right Removalists

To assist with clients that have to move last minute or at short notice for any reason we keep a dedicated page that is constantly updated. Here is the Link or of course simply give us a call on 0407 164 733 and we will do our very best to assist.

Bulcock Beach Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Q. Moving to the Sunshine Coast?

A. Do you want to save money and stress when moving to the Sunshine Coast? Here at Brisbane Removalists we offer the full range of moving services and solutions for your upcoming move.

Including Business, office, house, and apartment moves. Our expert team  can help you pack, move, and relocate to your new premises. For more information on how we can assist with Professional Packing

Before booking any removalists can I suggest you check out their reviews, here is a LINK to the reviews our clients have left on our site and also on Facebook

The friendly and relaxed lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast along with the amazing beaches and rural hinterland appear to be drawing so many people to move up to the Coast. Certainly, judging by the feedback from clients and the sheer number of moves we have recently completed up to all areas of the Coast.

Some articles that will help you save time, money & stress when moving to the Sunshine Coast.

The 7 Things you Need to Know when moving

Home, office, and apartment removals when moving to the Sunshine Coast

Removalists Brisbane to Sunshine Coast

6 ways to make the job faster for your Removalist

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Satisfied clients

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Who are the best Removalists Brisbane?

Best removalists Brisbane There are many reasons why Brisbane Removalists are considered the best removalists Brisbane. Here are the reasons why: Awesome Reviews from our clients. Here is a LINK to the reviews our amazing clients have left on both Google & Facebook. A Google post we recently published on this.  Client feedback drives our

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Will the Removalists you have booked actually turn up?

Moving in the rain. Another interesting and busy day here at Brisbane Removalists Yes, another interesting and busy day here at Brisbane Removalists. Well, I thought I had today well planned for all of our teams when I left the office late yesterday afternoon. All of the teams had a full schedule for the day.

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Book the REAL Brisbane Removalists feature image

Book the real Brisbane Removalists

Book the real Brisbane Removalists? Beware those who portray themselves as “the real Brisbane Removalists” Well, we must be doing something right here at Brisbane Removalists as many of our opposition are trading off our name using Brisbane Removalists in their marketing. Make sure you book the real Brisbane Removalists. Here is a recent article

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Booking the Right Removalists

Booking the “right removalists” Brisbane Removalists, the “right removalist for your next move”. When doing your research to book the right removalists on moving companies, removalists Brisbane, movers Brisbane, furniture movers Brisbane and best removalists Brisbane are the popular search terms people use in Google to find a moving company. I know I have written

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Booking a Removalists

Booking a removalist? Accurate moving  details I cannot stress enough how important it is to provide your removalists with accurate moving details. Here’s a great Google post we wrote about one experience we had when not all the information was supplied that we needed. Apart from cheap hourly rate companies that are just plain dangerous

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